How Much To Water Your Garden

Introduction To Watering Your Garden

For anyone who has every maintained a garden or helped someone maintain a garden a good question you may ask yourself is ‘How much should I water my garden?”. This is a good question and has many different answers but since some people may want to know how much is too much or how much is too little, today we will be covering on how much is enough and what plants need less than others. For example, tomatoes don’t need as much water as other vegetables and can be watered less frequently and with less amount of water. The importance of how much to water is a lot because not only will you be able to save money on your water bill but over-watering or under-watering can be bad for your plants or vegetables that you are growing so you want to make sure you know what is a good amount.


In hot weather (100 degrees+) it may be a good idea to just water your tomatoes deeply every other day to ensure that they don’t get too much water which could lead to blossom end rot. If the weather is much cooler (80 degrees-) then you will probably only need to water your tomatoes once every 4 to 5 days. You might want to check on them periodically still just to make sure the soil isn’t too dry. So, tomatoes are pretty simple to water and sometimes they don’t need too much water but it still depends on the weather.

Depending On The Area

The things is that a lot of places in the world have different climates and some amounts of water might be different then is actually needed for your specific garden in your area, so it might be a good idea to contact a local forum or nursery and ask how much they water certain plants if you want a definitive answer on how much to water. A good rule of green thumb is to make sure that the soil is never truly dry or the soil is too wet because you don’t want your plants or vegetables drowning or anything because it can be easily avoided.

Watering During The Evening

When you water your garden during the sunlight hours of the day then the water that you are spraying on your garden could evaporate a lot quicker than if you were to water it during the evening letting it sink deep down to the roots and ensure that the plants and vegetables are getting as much water as they need.

Use Your Gut

In conclusion, many different climates and areas of the world need different amounts of water but you can always contact your local nurseries and forums to see how much people in your area are watering certain plants and vegetables because it is better to be sure than to accidentally drown or dry out your garden. If you still aren’t sure than just make sure that your garden is not too dry or too wet.

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Author: Jason Hall

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