The Basics of Stump Grinding and How it Can Help Your Lawn

What are stump grinding machines? A stump grinder is a power equipment that compresses and solidifies the earth and other materials like gravel in a very short time. The reason these machines are used is to clear your driveway, remove yard debris, flatten areas where plants have been planted, etc. These devices are often very large and are used to cover large areas. Some of them are actually so powerful that they can dislodge rocks, tree stumps and other obstacles on which you drive your vehicle. They are especially useful if you are attempting to do some remodeling on your yard.

How does a stump grinding machine work? stump grinding is achieved by turning the handle in a clockwise direction until the grinding wheel reaches the top of the area being ground. Then the top of the stone or log is removed by the grinding stone and the ground material is transferred to a grinding stone or rotary tool for further grinding. Most machines accomplish their job successfully by means of high-powered, high-frequency disk with sharp teeth which grinds away the stump from the ground in very small chunks. Sometimes an additional rotating tool, like a diamond blade, is used to grind the ground material into gravel for further application.

Where can I use stump grinding? A lot of homeowners find stump grinding useful when doing some home improvements like installing fence post holes, tree removal, fence posts, flower bed cleaning, sidewalk cracking, etc. In fact, some companies offer professional tree removal service and this can save you a lot of money if you are doing a big project on your property.

Does it cost more to remove a stump than to just simply ground the area? No, in most cases it is not more expensive to remove a stump than to just use some soil and have it compacted. Usually it is usually less expensive to just go with the second option as it saves time and money. Besides, if the roots left behind are damaged, it can take a lot of time to remove them too.

Can this system be used for other areas? Yes, stump grinding can also be used on other areas like a yard with a shallow layer of earth or a slope. It does not matter if your property is flat or not because the process will still yield the same results. You can just choose another type of soil to place in the area to compact and apply the grinding stone over it.

Is this process safe? Most homeowners would say yes but there are still some safety precautions that you need to observe. Since this machine works at a lower speed, you should still be alert if the ground level is not stable. Always be careful with a machine like this and make sure that the blades or the rotary tools are not damaged or misaligned so that it will not cause any accidents or injury.

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Author: Jason Hall

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