The Beauty of Natural Stone Paving

Natural Stone Paving Melbourne
If you’re looking for a reputable paving company to get the work done that won’t go on a budget, then look no further than Melbourne, Australia based Natural Stone Paving Company. The team at Splendour in Stone have been committed to providing clients with the best quality, handcrafted stone and brick paves, paving, wall cladding and landscaping material. Their years in business have helped them build up a reputation that spans the country, ensuring they’re the place to turn to if you’re looking for the best materials and the most professional results. Their range of paving products are designed to match the scale of buildings, helping to create an aesthetic that will stand the test of time.

Whether you’re looking to enhance your property’s external features, or bring the indoors to life, the wide range of stone paving options available can create a beautiful interior as well as a stunning exterior. Pavers and stones can be used on streets and pathways, in gardens and on top of porches. Whatever your paving preference is, the experts at Natural Stone Paving Melbourne are there to help. The company has been supplying the country with quality stone and brick paving since 1998.

A lot of paving companies might try and frighten you off with the idea that their product is too difficult to install, or ask for too much money without making you think about the quality of the materials being used. Natural Stone Paving Melbourne is different. They use the same high quality materials as the bigger chains and there’s no difference to the finished result. The design team have put together a system of skilled tradesmen who’ve worked with the stones since their inception and they’re here to help you. From the design through to the planning and installation, the team is preparing to do it all.

For many years, paving was done using large, heavy stones. They were designed to cramp small spaces and to be driven slowly and steadily over ground that was soft and cushiony. As these massive stone creations gradually moved out of sight, there was space lost, the job became less effective and repairs required more time. There’s no reason why this should be the case today. Natural stone paving is designed to be installed in any area where there’s room.

As well as creating a beautifully finished outside feature, the paving system can be used inside. Pathways, walkways, front walk – they can all be designed to suit your individual needs. Because the paving is delivered to your exact specifications, you can create a bespoke design. This means that no two areas will be exactly the same. Natural stone in particular is designed to last for many years.

With a traditional paving system, stones are excavated and then placed in rows. When the work is complete, you have to take these out and replace them with new ones. This can be a costly process and it can take a long time. If you’re doing a driveway or patio, the process of removal and replacement of the paving is often very lengthy. Why run the risk of injuring workers, ripping up grass and disrupting normal working schedules when you can have the paving materials delivered to you, ready to go in place?

Natural stone and paving is designed to last. Many of the materials are resistant to weather and fire. When you combine this with the fact that they are designed to interlock, there is nothing that you can do to wear or damage the paper. Damage to the material can be repaired, but once this has happened, it may be difficult or impossible to recreate the same design on another location.

The strength of natural stone is unmatched. It is so hard and solid that it is virtually impossible to fracture. Pavers that are made from this stone, will be designed to stay in place. They can withstand great weight and pressure and they will not budge under any type of physical pressure.

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Author: Jason Hall

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