Autumn Gardening and You

Autumn is not the time of year that everyone thinks of maintaining their garden but there are many things that can be done in autumn that can get your garden ready for the next gardening season. Autumn is a great time to really focus on what you want to achieve in the coming year and plant and maintain your current garden accordingly.

  • Mums are a great autumn landscaping idea because if you plant fall-blooming hardy mums then you will have beautiful mums for weeks and if you plant them correctly and make sure they are winterized these can last many years to come.
  • Fall can be a great time to plant spring bulbs as well. Daffodils, crocus, tulips, hyacinths and other spring bulbs can be planted in fall and be ready for the spring.
  • Another good thing to do is to trim your hedges before winter comes to ensure they are bushy and compact.
  • Make sure that any weeds that you sprayed during the summer are really dead, and if they aren’t then it may be time to do some more spraying. The idea is to get your yard as beautiful as you can for the coming spring.
  • Start a compost pile now from dead leaves that have fallen on your lawn, grass clippings, kitchen scraps, and shredded pruning’s and put them all into a compost bin. You will want to periodically turn the compost to ensure air is circulating in the compost pile and that organisms are getting enough food. Try not to fill the compost pile with only one kind of ingredient, keep it a mix of different compost ingredients.
  • This compost pile will come in handy when the spring comes because it will be very nutrient rich soil and will help your plants and your garden grow full and healthy; it is also a great gardening task that you can accomplish during the autumn months.
  • Earthworms are normally a sign that your garden’s soil is fertile and when you add compost to the soil you will be attracting more earthworms which means you don’t have to worry about manually putting in any more earthworms because chances are you will have just as much earthworms that are needed.

These are just some ideas to help get your garden ready for spring and give you the chance to do some maintenance on your garden during those dreary months of autumn where normally no one bothers to work on their garden. If you do work on your garden in august you will be very far ahead of other gardens because you have decided to put in the work and it definitely does pay off in the end because your garden will be so much healthier and will have a great head start when the warmer weather comes, and a healthy garden will produce more vegetation and will be healthy for the long term too. Follow some of these tips and your autumn gardening should be very helpful to your next gardening season.

Author: Jason Hall

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