Money Saving Tips For Autumn Gardening

Since most people don’t garden during autumn or the later months there are many opportunities save yourself some money if you are thinking about doing some gardening during autumn the later part of the year.

  • Buying Seeds And Pots During The Fall Or Winter

The thing about buying seeds and pots during the fall or winter is that most companies and nurseries slash their prices during the later months because what they didn’t sell they will need to get rid of and could definitely be a great time to do some purchasing for seed and pots and other gardening equipment they have that you may need.

  • Buying Gardening Tools During The Fall Or Winter

One thing that you can do to save yourself a good amount of money is to buy your gardening tools during the fall or winter. The reason for this is that logically most people will be buying their gardening tools during the summer and as per the supply and demand effect it will be more expensive during the summer because most companies know the average gardener will buy them during that time and they can change the price as they please, so buying your gardening tools during the fall and winter could definitely save you some money.

  • Multiply Your Crop

Many plants and vegetable can be divided and multiplied in the fall but not all plants and vegetable are capable of doing this so you will want to do your research on the specific type of plant or vegetables and see if they are able to be divided and multiplied. The process of multiplying crops is essentially you pull up the plant or vegetable, water it thoroughly, and then split the bulb into pieces with a pitchfork or shovel.

  • Build Yourself A Compost Pile

Compost piles are a fantastic way to save money and also collect your own nutrient rich fertilizer for your garden. Now, of course you can start a compost pile at any time of the year but during the autumn and winter you probably aren’t doing a lot of gardening depending on what kind of gardener you are but a compost pile is a great way to save you some money in the long run and your garden will thank you too. Compost piles mostly consist of scraps of food and leftover clippings and leaves.

As you can see there are many things that you can do to save yourself money during the fall or winter as long as you have some work that you would like to do on your garden. Autumn gardening can be difficult and can also require a lot of effort but that effort can truly pay off because when the spring and summer comes you will already be many steps ahead and will make your normal gardening months a breeze because you will already have most everything figured out and purchased which means you won’t be scrambling to get your garden ready for the summer either.

Author: Jason Hall

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