Tennis Court Resurfacing Costs

Tennis Court Resurfacing is necessary to prevent damage, prevent leaks, and maintain the level of play. With any sports activity, there will be bumps, scrapes, bruises, and tears. Tennis Court Resurfacing is also needed to prevent harmful chemicals from seeping into the court and causing more problems. When tennis courts need to be repaired, the surface must be taken up, and new court surfaces created.

Tennis Court Resurfacing

The cost of tennis court resurfacing by type of repair usually ranges between approximately $300 and more, with the price of repair generally averaging around $500 for full court back treatment. Full court back treatment involves replacement of the artificial grass surface and the concrete slab. The replacement of the artificial grass surface usually requires heavy equipment and years of training for players to prepare their bodies for playing on a new court surface. For this reason, full court back treatments can take years of practice. The cost for all court replacements is dependent on the type of court surface being replaced, including options such as hard or soft slate, wood, fiberglass, and natural stone.

Different types of tennis court treatments can involve different methods of treatment. There are some types of tennis court resurfacing that utilize high heat steam to provide a glossy finish for the cracks. High temperatures are used because the natural aging of the surface of the court is sped up during the high heat steam treatments. Other methods of chemical crack repair range from heavy-duty chemical sealants to clay crack repairs. Clay crack repairs are not as effective as heavy-duty chemical sealants but are less expensive to perform and do not require the high costs of heat treatments.

Costs for tennis court maintenance vary greatly depending on the method of treatment, the severity of the condition, and the amount of work required. Some types of minor tennis maintenance include using lubrication to keep the surface smooth for play and prevent rubbing against the courts and playing surfaces. This maintenance also includes cleaning, waxing, and polishing. Many tennis facilities include all of these services under one roof so that the average cost of tennis maintenance is significantly lower. Most facilities offer professional and residential tennis players with a wide variety of affordable options for total treatment costs.

The average cost of replacing tennis courts is between eight hundred and one thousand dollars. The cost of installing replacement grass courts is between four hundred and five hundred dollars. For those facilities that do not offer complete replacement packages, they may offer in-house or at-home service for an even lower price.

The cost of tennis nets is very important to tennis courts owners and managers. The average cost of replacing tennis nets ranges from two to five hundred dollars depending on the size, material, and quality of the net. Quality tennis nets are made of higher quality materials and constructed with extra stitches. For both in-ground and in-net tennis court surfaces, tennis net ranges from eight to sixteen dollars. The size of the net is not relevant when determining the average cost of tennis courts since tennis nets can be used in any size court.

Tennis courts that have asphalt surface paint will have a higher surface surfacing cost than those that use natural grass courts. Costs will vary based on the type of paint chosen, the size of the paint applicator, the required dose of paint, and how often the paint application needs to be reapplied. If the court is painted on a regular basis, resurfacing cost is much lower. Some of the paints used for resurfacing tennis courts may contain hydrochloric acid, which is harmful to the skin and eyes of users. Such paints should not be used by children, and the area should be thoroughly washed prior to application. Some tennis facilities have replaced asphalt paints with polyethylene because they are non-toxic.

Before painting on the court, the surface should be treated to make it free of debris, and to prevent the paint from cracking. When the paint dries after eighteen days, the paint will need to be scraped off with a putty knife. The average cost of painting tennis courts is between four hundred fifty dollars and one thousand dollars. A contractor hired to do a court may also hire an electrician to install lighting and an audio-visual system. For additional information about how to paint a tennis court and the average cost of paint, contact your local contractor.

Author: Jason Hall

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