The Three Different Types Of Stone Finishes

Everyone loves the natural stones in their home. Whether it is a kitchentop, the floor, the table outside, people are always looking to make sure it is in premium condition. The way they do this is by finding and applying a finish that brings out the best in their stones. But what finish is best? What works for your stone? We spoke to Stone Wiz, the best in marble restoration in Brisbane about the different types of stone finishes. In the process, we got three of the best below.

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The Classic Polish:  

Perhaps the most popular and most common finish out there. Polishing a marble stone is the way to go when it comes to giving your marble or natural stone the glossy, reflective shine that it needs. What makes this option so popular with people is that there are many benefits:

  • The gloss emphasises the stone’s movement and colour
  • It will ensure that your stone work is protected with another layer
  • It is an affordable process that won’t blow the budget
  • You only need it now and then

Better yet, regardless of the locations of the stone, polished finishes work on walls, furniture tops and floor tiles.

The Honed Finish:

When it comes to getting a floor, staircase or walkway protected, you cannot ignore the potential that a honed finish has. This particular type of finish stands up to the wear and tear of heavy traffic, ensuring that there are no scratch marks or dents. More than that, it is made not to reflect too much light and bounce it off. You will be comfortable in knowing that the honed finish will give your natural stone that layer of protection that you need, while giving it a boost in the aesthetic department.

The Flamed Finish:

For those with natural stones craving to have a rough-textured surface, going for a flame finish is the way to go. What is the flamed finish? This process is known for its ‘burning’ appeal, where you will be able to get any natural stone and flame it up to make it look burnt. The way this finish works is by placing the stone (usually granite) under an extremely hot flame of around 1100°C to leave a rough textured surface. You will be left with a rough texture and no gloss. But that is part of its strong appeal.
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Author: Jason Hall

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