Winter Tips To Keep Your Lawn Pristine!

Winter is the harshest time of the year for gardens and the outdoors. Everything gets affected and before you know it, your garden could be dead and buried. You will have to put in extra effort to make your garden remains healthy and in good condition for the harsh cold months – especially when it comes to lawns. They are the hardest things to manage in winter; and we have some of the best tips to ensure that your lawn remains pristine in winter.

Remove all leaves

Debris is one those things that can make your lawn look, and feel, out of place. That is why when it comes to maintaining your lawn, you should always keep a schedule to remove all debris (leaves, gunk and so forth) from your lawn. It will keep it clean and ensure the quality is the best for years to come.

Mowing it on a consistent basis

Just because it is cold outside, doesn’t mean you can skip out on mowing your lawn. In fact, you will have to put in extra work to make sure that you maintain a consistent routine to keep your lawn mowed and in good length. This will help grow your lawn on a more steady level and ensure it grows healthy. If you are curious about what length to cut it to, keep reading to find out.

Cut your lawn to these lengths 

Following on from mowing your lawn on a consistent, you should always keep the length of your no lower than 2.5cm. The reason for this approach is to ensure that the lawn is short enough that it grows healthy throughout winter. More so, if there is any heavy rain, you can keep the lawn safe from flooding and the long length being damaged.

Fertiliser your lawn for the long run

Doesn’t mean that because it is cold and wet, that you should stop fertilising your lawn. It is imperative that keep the focus on making sure that your lawn in good condition throughout the winter months. This will help in ensuring that your lawn remains in a solid foundation for spring and the warm months. You will have to put the effort into ensuring that the lawn is good throughout winter, by committing to fertilising it. There are plenty of fertilising products and turf suppliers in Perth that you find one that works for you, such as sir walter fertilisers, that are perfect for lawns for winter.

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Author: Jason Hall

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